Tilley, my Tilley (a love poem)

I went walking one afternoon down the streets
The “tips” and “taps” of raindrops hitting the ground as perfect beats
Flooding the roads and humble abodes
of those who would not venture out in the storm

Everywhere I looked I did not see men, women, or any other folk,
but only rose-petaled umbrellas and yellow flavored coats
All those figures huddled and crouched in the cold
They looked pathetic, should I be so bold

To me, all those people looked silly
For all I needed was my Tilley

That marvelous hat which sits like a crown
Upon all other hats I must look down
For no cap, visor, headband or beanie
Could ever compare to my wide-brimmed beauty

It keeps out the rain like the best kind of roof
Those nifty straps keep it from flying aloof
It floats like a boat
And blocks UVs with ease
The Tilley will stay with you for life,
And that’s a guarantee!

The Tilley wearer is one of taste, class, and suavity
The hat that can only be described as “persnickety”
For wherever in life I find myself at
All my heart truly needs is a hat


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