To Be Read Emphatically (a hodgepodge)

I also considered titling this one “This is What I Think About Poetry,” because it would be very accurate. Basically, I’m not a huge fan of poetry. Which is honestly probably because I’m not very good at it. I also should stop writing these introductions to every post. So, here it is:


To Be Read Emphatically (a hodgepodge)
By Thomas White

I walk down the mellowed roadways;
Graven shoes rest upon my feet,
and bashful hedgehogs at my side.
Sunshine mixes with the rain;
Drops of sorrow fall on my fingertips,
and crimson doves on the brim of my hat.

I lie down on the milky hilltop.
Playing a blue guitar,
Silence rips through the confines of winter.
Diseased cattle run smoothly,
always yearning,
but never sneezing.
Drunk dandelions dance upon the dinner table

Alliterations are always awesome,
Like a dragon fighting a robot,
on top of a volcano.
Bold kittens always know which way to go,
and loose fireflies light up no one.
The merry paperclips jump with delight.

I sit alone on the empty stool.
No one even knows,
But this I do know.


About thomasbwhite
Writing, Photography, Jamming, Violin-ing, Hiking, Musing, Reading, Learning, Sketching, Frisbee-ing, Rambling... just a few of my favorite things.

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